We Are Mansion

Providing expert solutions to all your cleaning and brushing needs

Cleaning and Brush Experts

with more than 50 years of experience

Fine craftsmanship

Precision crafting to allow you to perform your best

We can make it

We can make what you want and guide you to make it even better.

Cleaning products for any requirement

we have a diverse set of products for any requirements

Why Mansion Brush?

Over 65 Years in the Industry

We are industry experts in cleaning and brushes. We have products used everywhere, ranging from food, industrial cleaning and personal use.

Highest Quality Materials

We use only the highest quality materials in our brushes. Combined with our expert worksmanship, we build products that are reliable and stands the test of time.

Excellent Client Relationships

We work hard to ensure our partners’ requirements are met from start to end. We are always innovating and looking for better solutions to meet our clients’ needs

Commercial Brushes

We offer a wide array of cleaning products. Partner with us to complement your trade and sales business.

Made to Order Brushes

If you have a special brush requirement or design, Collaborate with us and we can fabricate it for you.

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