About Us

Mansion Brush Manufacturing Inc. is a private local corporation engaged in the manufacturing and sale of household and industrial cleaning materials. Mansion Brush currently manufactures over 200 products that cater to the needs of industrial, consumer and personal markets.

Mansion Brush offers a wide variety of cleaning products from mops to brushes, extending to different product lines that will compliment the other products such as ladders, pot cleaners, etc. listed below are some of the products being offered to the market:

Mansion Brush also carries the following brands:

  • Mansion® Brand
  • Infaclean® Brand
  • Ezee Bowlmates® Brand
  • Grill Buddy® Brand
  • Pop Mop® Brand

Mansion Brush is also well experienced and recognized for fabricating and customizing brushes such as rotary/conveyor brushes for various uses of its industrial and personal customers.